Gunzip is my nickname. If you are searching for the GNU tool you probably should look here. In this site there are some of my projects developed during several years spent in front of a LG77i. Most of the stuff is old as hell, other things are being actively developed and forever will be in case I'll receive some feedback or if I'll want to.


Here are the latest news, docs, codes or tutorials; mainly about programming or IT.


My intent (by writing this site) is to learn w3c standards, XHTML/XML, CSS cross browser compatibility, OO javascript, content/behaviour separation and to share what is learnt. The backend (guestbook, news) consists in a series of XML files and a couple of PHP classes which read and write XML trees (so no mysql or smth) while the stats graph is generated with GD libs.


I've got a virtual life on the Earth and I'm looking for a job. See the contacts page for details. Mail me for feedback, questions about IT, answers or anything; flames go to /dev/null.